Healthy Minds Canada and Roots and Shoots Get a Hand from RBC’s Learn to Play and ParticipAction!

Thanks to the generosity of ParticipACTION, Coca-Cola and the RBC Foundation, Healthy Minds Canada and Roots & Shoots Yoga and Wellness were able to provide over 30 yoga classes through our Bend & Unwind Afterschool Yoga Program to youth at the Lakefield District Intermediate School and Peterborough LOFT (Leisure Opportunities for Teens) program.

The Bend & Unwind began in the spring of 2016 and the youth (despite being a little apprehensive initially) thoroughly embraced the yoga and stress-relieving techniques which were shared during our time together.

Each class began with a centering breath, followed by the six movements of the spine, then core strengthening, and then floor work. Savasana was always a hit, with only a little encouragement needed for the young people to relax and just “be”. Some youth even brought pillows and blankets to class so they could completely relax during this time.

One of the supervisors of the program had advised many students had thought yoga would be “boring” but as they developed skills – and strength – the fairly aerobic vinyasa to Flo Rida’s “Good Feeling” certainly changed that impression!

The amazing smiles on their faces and the complete focus spoke volumes! The students noticed increased strength, flexibility and felt better able to cope with the stressors of daily life.

Healthy Minds Canada and Roots & Shoots Yoga and Wellness are very grateful for the support of ParticipACTION’s Teen Challenge, Coca-Cola, and the RBC Foundation.

Together, we are helping our young people thrive in an increasingly stressful and challenging world one breath at a time!